Keyboard-less boot loader trouble, 2nd round...

Keyboard-less boot loader trouble, 2nd round...

Post by Cruinn » Fri, 22 Nov 2002 06:58:09

A couple of days ago I posted a message talking about my problem booting
FreeBSD 4.7 on a correctly BIOS-configured 486 without a keyboard
(problem which didn't exist booting neither DOS nor Linux). This
message, called "FreeBSD won't boot without a keyboard", was posted on

My description of the problem then was simply that just before BTX
started to print anything on my screen, the system hanged if I had no
keyboard attached to it.

Solutions offered were about kernel atkbdc0 flags, placing "/boot/loader
-h" or "-P" in /boot.config, and so on...

None of these worked for me (thanks a lot to all who tried, anyway). The
kernel-related ones because the problem was BEFORE loading the kernel.
The boot loader ones... well, just because the problem turned out to be
even before executing /boot/loader...

But now I have made a couple of changes to my system and I'm able to get
to the point of the problem more precisely:


I know this because, in my desperation, I finally installed GRUB as my
system's boot loader, and made it boot my FreeBSD through its stage1,
ffsstage1_5 and stage2.

Fortunately, GRUB is more verbose than BTX, and so I know now that the
hang happens when the ffsstage1_5 has loaded stage2 and is trying to
execute it.

The fact is GRUB can boot my FreeBSD correctly when the keyboard is

Isn't this just STRANGE?

Please, I'm really desperate. Any BIOS-, MBR- or memory-related ideas?

Any ideas, whatever the relation?

Just for further information: My motherboard is a Pc-Chips M915i with
real external cach.

Thanks a lot for your patience with this unfortunate newbie...



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