SiS 5591 IDE issue

SiS 5591 IDE issue

Post by CAL » Tue, 20 Jun 2000 04:00:00


I tried to install FBSD 4.0 on an AMD K6 motherboard, with a SiS 5591
integrated IDE ATA33 controller.  The partitioning went OK, but when
newfs ran, it gave this message:

ad0: WRITE command timeout - resetting
ata0: resetting devices .. done

and looped over & over.  I took the HDD to a different system, installed
FBSD, and made sure it booted OK, then tried it on the AMD motherboard,
and right after it checks the filesystems and tries to mount, it gave
the same message.

Is there some other config to the kernel I can do, or perhaps a
different IDE driver out that works well with these chipsets?  Any other




1. sis 5591 ide in 2.4.19-pre3 consumes souls

yesterday night i excitedly came home to my shiny new -pre3, to discover
that on boot, all ide devices timeout on DMA requests.  i'm using the
sis ide driver on my sis 5591 controller, which is integrated onto an
amptron 810 motherboard.  

i haven't had a chance to capture exact logs yet, but can do testing
tonight.  exact behavior follows:

rebooted with 2.4.19-pre3-jl11 (preemptive; jl11 is a patch to
networking code that should play no role here).  hard drive hda and
cdrom's hdc,hdd are detected.  upon partition check of hda1, the system
hung for roughly 20 seconds, after which it was declared dma commands
had timed out.  this was repeated for all other partitions on the drive,
after which the kernel panicked, unable to mount the root fs.

this behavior continued to manifest over any number of reboots.
interestingly, i could get my old 2.4.18-jl11 (non-preempt) to work
fine, but only after a hard power down.  reboots left it in the same
situation, but not logging nearly so much to the console :).


"c has types for a reason.  c++ improved the type system for a reason.  perl
 and php programs have run-time failures for a reason." - lkml
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