Cold Fusion 4.x PRO on BSD???

Cold Fusion 4.x PRO on BSD???

Post by Russ Hensle » Thu, 09 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone tried this with the LINUX compatability stuff?



1. apache 1.3b3 for winNT/95 and cold fusion 3.1

I try to use cold fusion studio 3.1 and I have to use it with an apache
server but it doesn't work. Since I'm new in using an apche webserver
there will be maybe a kind person who can help me to solve my problem.

Many thanks in advance

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nach paragraph 28 abs. 3 bdsg widerspreche ich
der nutzung oder uebermittlung meiner daten fuer
werbezwecke oder markt- und meinungsforschung

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