/dev/audio questions: sound recording?

/dev/audio questions: sound recording?

Post by my.. » Tue, 10 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Thanks to many who answered my questions regarding digital audio
extraction, CD-ROM writing, and the 4Front OSS drivers.  I now have a
working and reliable audio system in my FreeBSD box.  Just one more
question: I'd like to use my soundcard to sample old analog audio tracks
(tapes and vinyl LPs) and write the data onto an audio CD.  I tried things
like reading from /dev/audio and outputting to a file, and this does work
in some sense (i.e., some kind of sound gets recorded), but how is the data
formatted?  Is there a better way?

Procedures for line-in recording would be greatly appreciated.



1. Able to listen to sound from dev/audio but unable to record

Hi !

I compiled kernel 1.2.3 with sound support for soundblaster 16 and am able to
listen to sound when performing 'cat audio.wav > /dev/audio' but when using
the command line in the faq (something with 'dd')  I get a file but no sound
is reproduced when I cat it to /dev/sound.

Does anybody have an ideia on what's going on ?


I rebooted to dos/windows and was able to record from the mic.

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