Problems with wst0 talking to a Travan IDE tape drive

Problems with wst0 talking to a Travan IDE tape drive

Post by Mike Olso » Thu, 23 Sep 1999 04:00:00


I'm running FreeBSD 3.2 on a K6. I recently installed an HP Colorado 14GB
tape drive as a slave IDE drive.  I'm pretty sure the electrical work is all
right, because
the drive is correctly identified in the boot-time messages.  I configured
in wst0,
rebuilt, and did a MAKEDEV.  Now /dev/rwst0 is there, and looks to me like
it's got
the right major and minor numbers.

Any time I try to do anything with the drive, however -- via tar, dump, mt,
or other
program, whether I'm writing data or doing ioctls -- the operation hangs
in D-wait.

Are there known problems with the wst0 driver?  Can anyone suggest a fix (or
a way to collect better information on the failure)?  The hardware FAQ
didn't have
anything relevant, and I couldn't turn up any recent newsgroup articles on

I'll keep an eye on the newsgroup for responses, but I'd appreciate it if
you would
email responses directly to me.  Thanks in advance for any help you can



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