HELP: APM / soft power switch

HELP: APM / soft power switch

Post by rpseg.. » Fri, 25 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I'm having difficulty getting APM to work properly under FreeBSD 3.3
RELEASE and also under FreeBSD 4.0 RELEASE.

I'm trying to get the machine/FreeBSD to catch the power switch and shut
the machine down gracefully.  Instead, what happens when APM is enabled
is that the machine powers off immediately.

Hardware:  Intel brand i810e motherboard, APM 1.2 (according to
BIOS/POST), Celeron 433, 256M PC-100, Maxtor UDMA/66 30gig, ATX power

I've tried both FreeBSD 3.3 RELEASE and 4.0 RELEASE with no luck.

APM is enabled in the kernel (I compiled it).
apm is enabled in rc.conf

Tried with apmd_enabled as well with no luck.

shutdown -p works fine, powering off the machine as it should.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Also, looking for a good, reliable and inexpensive FCPGA motherboard
that is faster and more reliable than the Intel.

rpseguin AT yahoo DOT com

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1. FreeBSD: APM & Power Switch

I've been told that this can be done and that it should work:

I want to press the power switch while the machine is up and running
(FreeBSD 4.x) and have it do a shutdown -p now or something of the sort.

I've never seen it work myself.  With APM enabled (BIOS, kernel and
apm_enable = "yes"), pressing the power switch causes the machine to
power off immediately...

Help is greatly appreciated.

rpseguin AT yahoo DOT com

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