Route Table

Route Table

Post by Tom Greenwa » Fri, 15 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Occasionally when a user connecting via SLIP or PPP hangs up their route
is left in the routing table like this (insert favorite IP address for x's):

Destination      Gateway            Flags     Refs     Use     Netif Expire   link#2             UHLW        1      12

Does anyone know why a broken route is left behind like this sometimes?
What can I do to stop it from happening in the future?
SLIP connections are all static IP connections.  The PPP connections are
dynamically assigned based on which of 5 lines they call in on and I'm
using pppd.



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1. How Do Routing Table Entries Get Added to Routing Table at Bootup?

I have, what I think, is a simple question for the TCP/IP guys out there
who are familar with routing tables on AIX 4.1.5/4.2.1 in an IBM SP
environment. Or maybe not.

I have recently noticed that when I execute a 'netstat -r' on a
particular node in the SP environment, there are routing table entries
that I know I didn't put in there. I have to delete these "unwelcomed"
entries and re-add the correct ones. This is undesireable and maybe a
quick crash course in routing tables is justified. These unwelcomed
routing table entries seem to be automatically added right after I have
IPL'ed the node in question.

How did these routing table entries get added in the routing table? Does
anybody know the process?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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