How to set up quota ?

How to set up quota ?

Post by Lee, Jae Hon » Sat, 28 Oct 2000 04:27:29


How can I use quota ?
I want to prohibit the group of "guest" from overusing the directory



1. How to set quota and mail quota

Could anyone tell me how to set quota for user and mailboxes?

For the user quota.. I tried the mini-QuotaHowto but won't work...

    well, I have this in my configuration
    /dev/hda2    /    ext2    defaults,grpquota,usrquota    1 1
    and have quota.user and resides in / and /home
    when I type quotaon -avug
    nothing showed up
    when I type quotacheck -avug
    nothing showed up
    when I typed repquota -a
    nothing showed up
    I reboot, nothing special....
    edquota -u user1
    after I typed in everything.... :wq
    still nothing happen.. and login as user1, type quota -ug, ha...
    for user1 :none

    What's wrong?? I really dunno....

I have set the kernel. But still nothing happen...
      When I edquota -u user1
      it only shows:
      Quotas for user user1:
      that's all. Then I typed in manually all the stuffs same as the
Mini-HowTo, is it just press <Esc> to the
      normal mode, type :wq to save and exit, that's all? Or I have to
save as other file like :wq!
      {quota.user} ??

      and when I check quota for other user1 by typing quota user1
      it shows quota for user1(UID xxx): 0
      nothing changed....... please help me.... how to see if the quota
is enabled in Kernel. I use the make
      menuconfig, type Y to the quota....and reboot...
      nothing happens....
      Please help me ......furthermore, how to set quota for user email
account? Like not more than 2MB
      of mail to be stored? Because I am scared of someone bom my user
email ...
      Anyway, thanks in advance !!... Help... anybody out

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