Several sound questions (real audio, windows media, recording, etc.)

Several sound questions (real audio, windows media, recording, etc.)

Post by Philip Hallstro » Fri, 13 Jul 2001 01:39:24

Hi -
        I've got a couple of audio related questions...

- Is there anyway to listen to Windows Media Audio files?  I've tried
avifile, but it dumps core and complains about it not being a video file.
xmms-avi is marked as broken...

- If not, is there anyway to convert a windows media file to something

- Is there any app that will download and save a live real audio stream?
Something like asfrecorder, but for real audio?

- What's the easiest command-line way to "grab" audio from my line-in
jack?   I've tried sox, but I'm not doing something right.  Currently,
when I plugin my radio to my line-in, the audio just starts coming out
automatically of the computer speakers.  Doing a "mixer line 0:0" stops




1. /dev/audio questions: sound recording?

Thanks to many who answered my questions regarding digital audio
extraction, CD-ROM writing, and the 4Front OSS drivers.  I now have a
working and reliable audio system in my FreeBSD box.  Just one more
question: I'd like to use my soundcard to sample old analog audio tracks
(tapes and vinyl LPs) and write the data onto an audio CD.  I tried things
like reading from /dev/audio and outputting to a file, and this does work
in some sense (i.e., some kind of sound gets recorded), but how is the data
formatted?  Is there a better way?

Procedures for line-in recording would be greatly appreciated.


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