New Users Group In Central Massachusetts

New Users Group In Central Massachusetts

Post by Donald E. Goodwi » Thu, 25 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi There:

First time caller, long time listener....<humor?>

Anyway, a group of us are going to start a Users Group somewhere in
east-central Massachusetts (somewhere near the Route 495 and Route 2
area).  Location has yet to be determined.

The idea is to gather users from industry and hobbyists to
discuss/explain interests and accomplishments.  We are looking to
commence February, 2000.  

There are no restrictions on membership (yes, you can use Linux or NT).
Meetings will hopefully cover a wide range of topics including
inter-operability between *BSD and other platforms.  

Tentative plans are to meet monthly at a convenient but inexpensive
location (local school hopefully).  

Anyone interested should email me directly.  We have not come up with a
name as of yet but that will change soon.  Some ideas are Nashoba Valley
BSD Users Group (NVBUG), Harvard BSD Users Group (HBUG), or Harvard
Operating Systems Enthusiasts Review (HOSER -> <sheepish grin showing

Best regards,


ps I know there is a Linux group in Worcester, Cambridge and southern
New Hampshire.

Donald E. Goodwin

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liberty nor safety" - Ben Franklin

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