Internet Phone

Internet Phone

Post by Jianyu Wan » Mon, 22 Jul 1996 04:00:00


        Can anyone give me some advices on setup an internet phone for
Freebsd?  I have a Soundbaster 16 sound card.  Is there any chance I can
talk to a friend running internet phone for Windows 95 over the
internet?  Thank you in advance.



1. Internet Phone with NAT and Firewall

If I use the private address with my PC and connecting to the Internet
through some Firewall which provide address translation, like Firewall-1,
can I still use some application like Intel Internet Phone, Netmeeting.  I
The document from Checkpoint said that it is not supported since those
applications transfer IP add or port numbers as part of their data.  Is it
true ?  Is there other firewall products can solve the above problem?



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