ZIP parallel driver available for R2.2

ZIP parallel driver available for R2.2

Post by Nicolas Souch » Mon, 10 Mar 1997 04:00:00


Sorry, I have not enough time to contribute to the current release...
later I hope.

Yet, 0.51 release is a BETA version of ppa3. You may use it
with R2.1.0 up to R2.2 of FreeBSD. See README file at for more info.

The README file also discribes how to install ffs filesystem on ZIP

I would be happy to know if it works for YOU.

Have fun,


My ZIP Iomega link:


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Does anyone know of any current drivers available for a Linksys Parallel to
SCSI converter. I have one that I use on a notebook, to attach an external
CD-ROM (scsi) Drive, and a 2 gig External scsi Hard Disk. If such a driver
existed I could use loadlin to boot linux on the external drive, and also have
access to the CD-ROM. I also have a Colorado Trakker tape drive, that I would
like to use on another linux system, it runs off of the parallel port also.
Does anyone know of any drivers available for that. If there are no drivers
currently available, does anyone know when and if there will be. I would be
greatly interested to know. If anyone has any information please email me at

Thanks in advance,

-joe wyatt

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