network performance problems...

network performance problems...

Post by Shawn Ramse » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 14:38:07

am having some issues with network performance and am wondering if anyone
any suggestions... the box in question has 2 100BT interfaces, and an Intel
driver) fiber Gigabit. The Gigabit connects to a switch, and the two fast-e
WAN connections to our ISP(s). This box seems to be using an awful lot of
cycles relative to the traffic it is pushing, which is around 65-70Mb
and 20-30 Mb/outbound(on average), which seems to be about its limit. This
an Athlon XP 1500 box, 256MB RAM, top shows 90+% interrupt usage, CPU
has about 5-10% idle. Gigabit is on a 32-bit bus, and Gigabit is on an IRQ
shared with unused USB and onboard NIC which is also not used. Should I be
to push more than 100Mb sec with such a system? It is not doing anything
no NAT, one IPFW rule. OS is FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE.

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Hello all,

I was running a ipmasquerade network, with two machines I will call them
insideA, and insideB from inside accessing one internet connection on
machine I will call gatewayC.  For some reason everything is sooo slow
lately.  I mean from the two machines insideA/insideB accessing gatewayC
as well as machine gatewayC accessing the Internet.  Trying to access the
web from insideA/insideB via gatewayC is just extremely slow.  I tried
disabling most services on gatewayC and still things has not speed up.
I just moved to ipchains in hope of solving this problem, it didn't work.

The only other thing I am concerned of is that the machine has been
hacked into before while I left it on for a few days.  ie last log showed
someone ftp'ed into it from an unknown location.  Also log showed that
they tried to access start imapd2 repeatedly. They also attempted SYN packet
attacked at around the same time.  Hopefully he didn't leave any running
funny program that bog down the system.  :-)

I also suspect the hub that I am using maybe defective but have no extra
hub to test out this theory.

Are there any tools out there that will show me where the bottle neck might
be?  like whether it is the hub? or the linux box itself?

I appreciate any help in resolving this mess.  Please email if possible.

INFOS:  I am now running kernel 2.2.9, basic linux installation, with
        apache server. CPU: AMD 200, 16MB RAM  (before you say RAM!, I
        have to say it worked just fine before with a swap space).

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