cert advisories for 2.2.28

cert advisories for 2.2.28

Post by skoc.. » Tue, 14 Nov 2000 10:26:45

Is there a breakdown published anywhere of all the cert advisories
specifically for 2.2.8?  Thanks.


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1. Kernel 2.2.28 Oops

report this to the kernel mailing list, along with any information you can
give about what you were doing when it happened. read
/usr/src/linux/REPORTING-BUGS for more information...

[snip oops]

unless this happens more than once, it's unlikely to be worth worrying
yourself about, but the kernel developers will certainly want to know.

Cheers & God bless

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2. Replace NIS+

3. CERT Advisory CA-2002-28 Trojan Horse Sendmail Distribution

4. OS/2 boot manager and LINUX

5. new CERT advisory released

6. Stats comp.os.linux.networking (last 7 days)

7. CERT Advisory CA-94:09.bin.login.vulnerability

8. Spaces in file names

9. CERT advisory -- details

10. HTTPD and CERT advisory CA-97.07

11. CERT Advisory CA-2002-25 & Sun Alert 46122

12. CERT Advisory - Solaris System Startup Vulnerability

13. CERT Advisory CA-2002-11 Heap Overflow in Cachefs Daemon (cachefsd)