ext2fs woes

ext2fs woes

Post by Bryan Higgi » Tue, 09 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I added

    option "ext2fs"

to the 2.2.6 generic kernel and rebuilt it.  I have two Linux
partitions which I mount as /linux and /linux/usr (fstab entries are
"ro,noauto").  /linux/usr seems fine, but /linux has several
directories for which ls -l and stat return the error "invalid

Another problem is that if I reboot the system with the Linux
partitions mounted, the shutdown procedure can't sync the disks
("giving up," it says) including /, which is clearly a problem.

Am I doing something wrong or omitting some option?  Or is the ext2fs
driver just funkly software?
Bryan Higgins, Berkeley, California


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I'm having some problems running e2fsck on my file system.  It asks if it
is OK to expand the lost+found directory, then exits with a segmentation

This filesystem has been royally hosed, but I am looking to recover a
couple files...  Is it OK to remove files from lost+found to make space for
the others?  Is there another 'fix' for this?  (I'm not looking for the
thing to boot...  Just so I can get my files off.)


Matt C. Brinkhoff
GPS Specialist
K&L Agri-Technology

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