Adaptec U320 RAID cards supported?

Adaptec U320 RAID cards supported?

Post by Bruce Burd » Fri, 02 May 2003 11:20:44

   Hi folks,

        I don't see any mention of the Adaptec U320 RAID cards
   as supported, only the U160 cards. Can anybody tell me if the
   asr driver supports the U320 cards? I am looking specifically
   at the 2120S or the 2200S.

                                                Thank you,
  "I like bad!"                         Bruce Burden    Austin, TX.
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Is there any good RAID control monitoring software available?

We have Debian (Woody) running with a U320 RAID Controler. The output of
dmesg for this device is;
LSI Logic MegaRAID 1L26 254 commands 16 targs 4 chans 7 luns
   Vendor: MegaRAID  Model: LD0 RAID5 00065R  Rev: 1L26

We have installed the Raidmon package that came with the driver disk,
and it emails the root user of a box if there is a problem with the
disks. What we would idealy like is to be emailed externaly, only we
would need to use Sendmail as apose to Exim.

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