FS: 486DX2-80 system (running FreeBSD)

FS: 486DX2-80 system (running FreeBSD)

Post by dnel.. » Tue, 09 Sep 1997 04:00:00

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 For Sale (or trades):  
  This is your basic 486 system. Running FreeBSD, it makes an excellent
  DNS, RADIUS, etc. server

 486DX2-80 VESA LB Motherboard with 8 megs of ram (it uses 72 pin slots)
 Case/PS (Mini-Tower)
 540 meg IDE Hard Drive
 3.5" Floppy Drive
 5.25" Floppy Drive
 Trident ISA VGA board
 SMC Ethernet Card (10Base-T)

 (It is running FreeBSD 2.1.x?, I believe)

 Asking: $300  or will ...
 Trade: Matrox Milleniums, Adaptec SCSI controllers, or something cool

 Dru Nelson, Redwood City, CA


1. AMD 486dx2-80 problems?

: I just upgraded from a cyrix 486dx2-66 to an AMD 486dx2-80 but I'm
: having problems.  At bootup I get as far as mounting the root filesystem
: read-only and then init starts and it just hangs.  If I try a CTRL-ALT-DEL
: I get a kernel error and it dies.  Has anyone had any problems with the
: AMD dx2-80?  I ordered a Cyrix since I've had no problems with the Cyrix
: chips but they send me an AMD - I'm sending it back tomorrow.

My AMD DX2/80 works fine.  However, it required some changes to the
jumpers on the mainboard: these were in addition to changing the clock
speed.  Assuming your mainboard supports the AMD chip, you should be
able to contact the vendor to find out the correct settings.

My mainboard arrived with incorrect settings, and it did have some strange
problems (failing to start on the initial power up, failing to reset,
etc.)  I would suspect your mainboard, not the CPU.


: Steve

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