sound capture

sound capture

Post by larche » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 18:46:39


I'm implementing a netmeeting like under BSD, my part of job for now is to
implement a microphone sound capture.  That would be very kind if anyone
could rescue me on this problem : when you open /dev/snd (or something else)
what does the data represent ? I'm looking for algorithms or functions which
allows to manipulate sound data, maybe we'll have to compress to mp3. Is it
possible to cut all frequencies under X hertz, do you know algorithms like
that ?

Please.... help !



1. Video + sound capture boards, TV tuners

I'm looking for a tv tuner/video capture board.

I'm currently using an ATI TV wonder.  I like the remote pigtail (it has a
conector and a little remote box that has video and sound in, making it
really easy to connect things to it.)

But - the TV tuner sucks.  I can't get any channels at all - and I have

Also, the sound just loops through to the sound card.  I'd really a mixer
on board the video card - I need the slot on the mobo for other things.

Also, when doing video capture, I end up with very jerky video.  I think
menoder is dropping frames.  I'd really like on-board video compression
that's usable in linux with mencoder....

Too much to ask?


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