Pine and NCFTP Port Questions

Pine and NCFTP Port Questions

Post by Louis Epste » Sat, 29 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I understand the current version of PINE is now 3.94,the Ports collection
version is still 3.91...a customer is hoping 3.94(which works for her at
another site) will not have time-out problems reading from a remote server
that she experiences with the stability problems that plagued
3.92/3 from the portmeisters' point of view persist in 3.94?

I've done a make(not install,yet) on the "ncftp2" port...I note that it
grabs the ncftp-2.3.0 tgz file,but creates a ncftp-2.2.2 subdirectory!


1. NcFTP & Pine causing defunct processes

I have had an annoying problem for a long time now. I'm sysadm for
out local computer society. We have 3 SUN's and some other machines
as well.

The problem is that I can't get NcFTP and Pine to work properly. When
a user tries to start NcFTP, the session locks up. Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Z
doesn't work. After the user has pressed ctrl-c, the process converts
to a defunct process. The same happens when a user tries to send a mail
using Pine. Everything works fine, until Pine is about to write the fcc,
then it locks up. Same behaviour as NcFTP... defunct process!

I've tried to debug NcFTP, in hope of discovering the error, but no sir!
With DDD I managed to get to the function CommandShell() in Cmdline.c!
It looks like the malfunction has something to do with the curses
routines, but I can't pin it down...

If someone has *any* idea about what it can be, *please* drop me a mail,
or just reply to this article... I'm going nuts about this one!

Dennis "Dempa" Sjogren, Systemadministrator at BIG Computer Society

PS. NcFTP & Pine suddenly started to work some days ago, and that was
    when we had the main server powered down, while connecting a
    CD-ROM reader... But after a day or two, it stopped working! :(

 Dennis "Dempa" Sjogren, Norrskensgatan 6b, 784 53 Borlange, Sweden
 System Administrator BIG Computer Society, University College of Dalarna


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