Dual Operating systems

Dual Operating systems

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> Install SCO next. You'll hate it and remove it in a week though. Then
> install FreeBSD with any left over space.

Just curious -- why is SCO so hateful? (Never used it myself.)

Quote:> --
> Q:  Why do ducks have flat feet?
> A:  To stamp out forest fires.

> Q:  Why do elephants have flat feet?
> A:  To stamp out flaming ducks.

As a child, I remember having a book of elephant jokes.  One was a set
4 or 5 joke-lets, ending up like yours, only referring to 'pygmies'
than 'ducks'. (Not as politically correct, I gather.)  Any knowledge of
expanded set?  I lost the book (lent it to another kid) and for many
have tried to remember the leading jokelets.  Maybe I'll post to a jokes
group.  Thanks!

1. Setup of a dual operating system

I'm trying to load both Windows 95 and Linux Red Hat 5.1 onto my
computer so that I can interchange between both when need be. In the
setup of Linux I partition my hard disk for Linux without any problems.
But If I try to add a Dos partition. It won't allow me to continue. I
think it has smething to do with the mount point. I mount the Linux
partitions where they are supposed to be. I'm not sure where to put the
dos partition. Linux tells me I should enter a mount point for the Dos
partition. but I'm not sure what to call it. Only Linux partitions can
use / and all mount points have to start with /. Please help me with
this. I'd prefer by mail.


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