Port Forward ( natd ) + Apache

Port Forward ( natd ) + Apache

Post by MrNorto » Mon, 07 May 2001 16:20:28


    I'm using FreeBSD 4.3, I recently install NATD and apache 1.3.19 . I
configure a intranet for my personal LAN and also a public web page.

    How do I configure NATD to tell him, the apache query , is coming from
the outside of my LAN and show the public web page, not my intranet ?

    presently, the apache service doesn't saw the difference, cause all the
query since to came from my LAN.

    There's natd.conf :

redirect_port tcp 20
redirect_port tcp 21
redirect_port tcp 1022
redirect_port tcp 80
redirect_port tcp 113
redirect_port udp 113
redirect_port tcp 443
unregistered_only yes
log yes


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