Can I setup nis hosts-map to case-insensitive ?

Can I setup nis hosts-map to case-insensitive ?

Post by Lothar Linhar » Wed, 08 Mar 2000 04:00:00

When running a freeBSD box as nis client,
I've realized that the hosts nis-map is used
case-sensitive by the C-call:

Requests answered by either a DNS server or by local /etc/hosts
are case-insentitive - only those answered by ypbind are case-sensitive.
Any idea, how to change that to case-insensitive ?



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    does anybody know if I can change Apache from being case-sensitive?
The problem is that I've made a web site with a protected area, when I enter
the URL , I need to enter a password, but if I
enter or I enter the web
site without bieng prompt to enter a password.

    The only way I figured out is to configure Apache for all the
possibility, like: protected, Protected, PRotected, etc....

Any help will be appreciated.


Maxime Paquette

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Montreal, Quebec
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