Forte Agent problem on Wine

Forte Agent problem on Wine

Post by Mike » Sat, 24 May 2003 07:22:15

Does anybody know why I can't get Forte Agent to connect to the
Internet when running on Wine using FreeBSD 4.8?  It runs fine on
FreeBSD 5.0.  The same problem occurs on all the 4x versions.  I have
installed Agent on a fake windows drive in my Home directory using
Many thanks.

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I down loaded and installed Wine to Linux 2.0.22 and Xwindows (XFree).
I think it's installed correctly.  I am getting a 'drive not found/path
not found' error.  I have my wine.conf in the right place (I think).
I'm using Win95 and hda3 and Linux on hda1.  I need a reality check.  Is
it hard to set up Wine?  Does someone have a working wine.conf file that
might guide me to a working wine.   Wine,wine,wine and beer. Ok I'll
stop wineing



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