Intel Ether Express Pro 10/100 EISA

Intel Ether Express Pro 10/100 EISA

Post by Merl » Fri, 11 Apr 1997 04:00:00


  I was wondering if anyone knew of a driver for the Intel
Ether Express Pro 10/100 EISA?  This is not the 100B, and
the drivers are not compatible.

  Any pointers would be appreciated.



1. (x86)Intel Ether Express 10/100 problems!

Help! does anybody know about the above card? We just popped one into a
pentium system and the error messages are coming in at the rate of about
1/sec. Networking works fine, i can even get anywhere on the internet, but
the following message keeps popping up in the console:

ieef_process_recv(): status=0xb002

The card is autosensing for 10 or 100Mb, but we are only using 10 right now.



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