FreeBSD 4.0 server outside firewall POP3 problem

FreeBSD 4.0 server outside firewall POP3 problem

Post by Jiawei Y » Tue, 09 May 2000 04:00:00


I am currently running a FreeBSD server and a firewall as follows Freebsd my firewall

The problem now is that no machine in my firewall can ping or telnet to 250
except the firewall box itself. And when I installed the pop3d on 250, no
one could get their mail from 250 inside the firewall. I assume there is
something wrong with my FreeBSD setting, because telnet from inside the
firewall to other hosts are available (and ping too).

Could anyone suggest what I should be looking into?


Jiawei Ye
g, kg, mm, m, km, ml, l
and I use an Alpenrost


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