Anyone here compile/use SEQ on FreeBSD

Anyone here compile/use SEQ on FreeBSD

Post by FBSD Use » Tue, 29 Oct 2002 09:36:05

I am attempting to get SEQ/ShowEQ to compile on my new
4.7 machine and I'm running into all kinds of problems
from the original make (weird spewage) to the actual
build wanting stdint.h (not on FreeBSD from what I can
find).  There are some comments in various CVS files
that say something about working on FBSD, but it looks
pretty Linux specific to me (I'm not a build guru).

If anyone here has had luck with getting this to run,
would you mind maybe letting me know what you had to
do to get a working build?  I have seen posts of people
who actually got it running, so it must be possible...

Considering the nature of the program, if you would
prefer to communicate via e-mail, that is fine with
me (use this address).



1. ipv4: remove the hack, using seq->private to hold state

   Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 02:23:49 -0300

Pulled, thanks.

        It is extremely fortunate that all this discussion about
   seq_file proper usage has happened

Indeed :)

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