Very Fast NFS

Very Fast NFS

Post by Hans Dijkem » Tue, 06 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi Folks,

I'd like to configure my FreeBSD station as a very fast NFS
server. If possible I'd like it to outperform a Sun system.

Will this be possible? If Yes, How?

I'm trying to reconfigure the kernel right know. Hacking into
".h" files. Can I do this without being punished?

Thanks in advance for answers,
Hans Dijkema


1. NFS and Fast Ethernet

When I mount an NFS-shared filesystem from a Solaris x86 machine on my
SCO OpenServer 5 (plus rs504c) machine, I get "NFS server not responding"
messages on the SCO machine when I try to copy a file from the SCO machine
to the mounted directory.

I am using fast ethernet and both machines are connected to a 10/100
auto-sensing hub.  The Solaris x86 machine has a 3c905, and I have tried
both a 3c905 and 3c905B on the SCO machine.  This problem did not exist
when the SCO machine was 10BaseT (a 3c590, I think).

The SCO machine has no problems copying files to and from NFS mounts from
a Solaris SPARC machine (also on 100BaseT), nor do other machines have
troubles copying to and from the Solaris x86 machine's NFS shares.  The
only problem is the SCO -> Solaris x86 combindation.

Anyone see this or have this working?


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