Sysinstall disk geometry jazz. I hate this!

Sysinstall disk geometry jazz. I hate this!

Post by Mikhail Teter » Mon, 11 May 1998 04:00:00

Ok, so I had to replace the disk with my root partition.  I dumped
it to the tape, downloaded the latest boot.flp and fixit.flp (from
releng22 -- the -stable ones, not -current, as of May 8th, 1998)
and shut down. Then I replaced the disk and booted the boot.flp.

The sysinstall complained about the disk geometry of the new disk
and set "the more likely geometry". That did not surprise me, but
it also disliked the geometry of my two other disks (same as the
new one -- Barracudas), even though I did not create new partitions/
slices on those two, it modified the geometry one them when I said

The restoration from the tape went almost without problems, and I
have the working machine back with the new disk, but it now complains
about the wrong geometry on all 3 drives. The system was built on
Mar 20 from the -stable sources and worked happily with the geometry
I had.  (Which sysinstall decided to hose).

What IS the correct geometry for Barracuda attached to the
Adaptec-2940W anyway?


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