Can anyone dump/restore ccd of >30GB?

Can anyone dump/restore ccd of >30GB?

Post by Robert Wel » Fri, 09 Oct 1998 04:00:00

When my ccd is >30GB, I get "hole in map" when trying to restore
under 2.2.6. Has anyone successfully dumped/restored a ccd of
this size or larger?

I am trying to stripe seven 9GB drives (all identical) and when
I am only striping 3 (27GB) it works, adding a 4th (or more)
produces the above symptom (I've tried several combinations of
drives).  Filesystem fsck's fine and I can dump/restore a 27GB fs OK.

Thanks in advance for any input

Robert Welsh


1. Can anyone dump/restore a 32GB filesystem (ccd)?

Has anyone been able to dump/restore a 32GB or larger filesystem under
FreeBSD? I have tried until blue in the face (people keep calling me
Papa Smurf) w/out success.

Any success or failure stories gratefully accepted. Problem does not
occur with < 32GB (ie 27GB works fine) filesystems.

These are emtpy, newly newfs'ed f/s by the way.

Robert Welsh

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