Bt-952 Uwscsi3 Pci 2-Chnnl Adpt?

Bt-952 Uwscsi3 Pci 2-Chnnl Adpt?

Post by Chad Lei » Wed, 12 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am looking to build another server and was looking at for a
SCSI controller and found:

Bt-952 Uwscsi3 Pci 2-Chnnl Adpt
Model Number: BT-952

I assume that Mylex now owns Buslogic.

I went to the freebsd handbook and faq on and they
mentioned supporting:

BT-946 Series <PCI>
BT-956 Series <PCI>

I went in and looked at my 2.2.2 SCSI source I have on one of my other
servers and found that the "bt" drivers are circa 1994 and came from the
Mach 2.5 source.

Does FreeBSD 2.2.5 support the above named Bt-952 adapter?  Any
experiences?  Currently I use Adaptec 2940 and 3940 variations as well as
Symbios (NCR) 810 and 815 cards.

The server would be for WWW and email on a temp basis while I do work on
the real servers :-)



1. SCSI, two BT-958 or one BT-952?

I'm planning a machine that will serve as a NFS server for an 8 machine
beowulf cluster.  To start with I was planning on getting 4 ultrastar 9ZX
drives spread across two scsi channels.  It looks like I can either get two
BT-958 cards, or a dual channel BT-952 card.  The 958s would cost about $310
total, vs $180 for the 952, but in light of the whole cost of the server, it's
no big deal.  The 952 would save a PCI slot, which would be very nice, since I
might otherwise need to get one ISA ethernet card (plus 2 PCI net cards).

So the 952 seems obvious, but it's a flashpoint card.  How is linux flashpoint
support?  I've been using multimaster cards for years, and they work great.
Will the greater CPU overhead of the flashpoint make a difference for an NFS
server?  This will be a dual CPU system, how well tested is flashpoint with
SMP?  I know some device drivers get unstable under SMP.
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