Trident 9440 Video Card

Trident 9440 Video Card

Post by Scott La » Sat, 23 Nov 1996 04:00:00

What driver in X should I use to configure my 9440 Video Card to work
correctly...It 2 MEG DRAM and I tried the Trident 9000 generic and could only
get 320x240 w/ 4 me if you know anything


1. Trident 9440 video card

I have a trident 9440, and I've seen a 16 color X server out there for
it.. but is there any servers for it that support more than that?  And
has anyone had any luck with SVGALib working with it?  Once I had it
running, without doing anything special and all the graphics programs
worked fine, but ever since then it just messes up the screen and I have
to hit escape..

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