Partitioning a Second Hard Drive with FBSD...

Partitioning a Second Hard Drive with FBSD...

Post by Jason Brinkle » Wed, 16 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Can some one please help me out?  

I am using FreeBSD 2.2.2 and I just bought a new hard drive for the
system.  I am going to keep the root(/) partition intact(it's on my
current primary hard drive).  But, I need to make a /usr, a /tmp, and a
/home partition on this new drive.  The drive I have in there right now
has each of those partitions on it, but I am going to transfer them all
(except for root) to the new bigger drive.  

My question is this:
What do I do to partition this new disk correctly and to format it
correctly under the FreeBSD system?  Do I have to use sysinstall?  If I
do, what steps so I have to take in sysinstall to get it partitioned
correctly.  I assume I don't have to make it bootable since the root(/)
directory resides on the primary drive already and is bootable? I just
need to get past the point of partitioning this thing.  I can mount the
drive and get the files copied over if I can get the drive formatted and
partitioned correctly.  Does anyone have some help that you can give me?



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Hi everybody,
I have two hard drives, their capacities are 4.3 Giga byte and 3.2 Giga
byte. And I would like to merge these two hard drives into one hard
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know how to do that. please tell me what softwares I can use for that,
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Thanks in advance for any advice.
Ha Le (Vietnam)

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