Problems with Trident Cyberblade i7

Problems with Trident Cyberblade i7

Post by Jason Farende » Fri, 09 Nov 2001 03:44:14

Hi all,

I have a Fujitsu Liteline laptop, which has inside it a *blade
i7.... I have tried installing FreeBSD with both XF 3.3.6 and 4.0.x but
cannot seem to get this thing to work!!

Has anyone had any similar situations or could someone please give me
some idea if it is indeed possible to get this working.

Thanks in advance
Jason Farenden


1. Problems with trident cyberblade i7

I have a problem configuring X-Server with trident cyberblade/i7.
Installing a new X-Server (downloaded by trident) produced after
configure (by hand) a max resolution of 800x600 centered and
unstretched  on my LCD-Panel. It could not by the best, because the
vertical Sync is too large (100.3 Hz).
Any suggestions?

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