HP Colorado T4000s Tape Storage System

HP Colorado T4000s Tape Storage System

Post by Shishir A. Pandy » Thu, 15 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hello everyone,

Has anyone tried this new 8GB HP Colorado tape backup drive?
I am wondering how it performs with FreeBSD.
I see it listed at $389 or $399(with tape) in Computer Currents.

I found the following on the web:
HP Colorado T4000s Tape Storage System
     4GB native (8GB compressed) with QIC-3095 TR-4 minicartridge
     2.1GB native (4.2GB compressed) with QIC-3095 Wide minicartridge

     Read/write -- QIC-3095 Travan & QIC-3095 Wide Read only
     (available as a future storage option) -- QIC-3020 (Jumbo 1400),
     QIC-3010 (Jumbo and Trakker 700), QIC-80 TR-1 and QIC-80 Wide
     (HP Colorado T1000/T1000e) and QIC-80 (Jumbo/Trakker 350/250)

     Backup speeds up to 62MB/min.

Shishir Pandya
Advanced Computational Methods Branch   Grad Student
M/S T27B-1                              Dept. Of Mech. and Aero Eng.
NASA Ames Research Center               U C Davis
Moffett Field, CA 94035                 Davis, CA 95616



1. HP Colorado T4000s Tape Drive error messages

I installed an HP Colorado T4000s tape drive (SCSI-2 TR-4 media) in a
FreeBSD 2.0.5R machine with an Adaptec 2940 controller.

I installed the drive in case, configured the kernel, and rebooted.
It recognizes the tape drive.

I ran 'mt' to check the drive status and got this.

cyber1# mt status
Present Mode:   Density = 0x45         Blocksize = 512 bytes
---------available modes---------
Mode 0:         Density = 0x00         Blocksize variable
Mode 1:         Density = 0x00         Blocksize variable
Mode 2:         Density = 0x00         Blocksize variable
Mode 3:         Density = 0x00         Blocksize variable

I got the following system error message

st0(ahc0:4:0): ILLEGAL REQUEST asc: 24,0 Invalid field in CDB
st0: Cannot set selected mode

What is CDB?

I have obviously missed something, but I am not sure what.

I am new to installing/using tape drives on unix systems, so I
apologize in advance if this is a stupid question.

Is there a device setup file where I specify the density and blocksize
for each mode?

I have found some technical info about the drive and TR-4 media

        Number of Tracks: 73
        Bit density: 67,733 (docs didn't say if per inch or not)
        Encoding method: RLL1,7
        Length: 270 ft.

My problem is what do I do with this information?  In the man page for
'mt' that specific bit density is not supported, do I just pick the
closest match?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

David Brockus

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