3.2-STABLE to 3.4-STABLE device name change

3.2-STABLE to 3.4-STABLE device name change

Post by Peter Caffi » Thu, 06 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Shifted across from a 3.2-STABLE kernel to a 3.4-STABLE kernel (after
a `make world` on 3.4-STABLE source). A device has changed name, it

Under 3.2-STABLE it is:

 $df -k | grep ccd
 /dev/ccd0c    8695067  3598685  4400777    45%    /usr/local/var
 $mount | grep ccd
 /dev/ccd0c on /usr/local/var (ufs, local, writes: sync 135447 async 15757194)

Under 3.4-STABLE it is trying to mount a six-character device name.

Has anyone else experienced this or can shed some light as to what's going
on and/or why the change was necessary? Thanks.


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