lnc driver in 2.1.5R

lnc driver in 2.1.5R

Post by Jim Kin » Tue, 05 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I just upgraded my main server from 2.1R to 2.1.5R.  This PC has an
on-board AMD 1500T Ethernet interface, which worked fine with the lnc
network interface driver in 2.1R.  Under 2.1.5R I get LOTS of messages
like "Receive CRC error", "Missed packet -- no receive buffer", and
"last message repeated XXXX times".  It _seemed_ to be working OK, but I
got nervous and stuck in an NE2000.

This is an ISA PC with 32 MB RAM.  Could this be a problem with bounce
buffers (or lack of them, as a quick scan of if_lnc.c doesn't seem to
indicate that it uses them)?  Did the lnc driver just get munged somehow
in 2.1.5R?

In case I have to make the NIC change permanent, what's the preferred
ISA NIC these days?



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