Toshiba IDE CD-ROMS Seem To Be Persistent Problem In FreeBSD

Toshiba IDE CD-ROMS Seem To Be Persistent Problem In FreeBSD

Post by Tim Littl » Fri, 15 May 1998 04:00:00

A search through Usenet, along with my own experience, seems to suggest
that Toshiba IDE CD-ROMs are not the way to go in FreeBSD.

Attempting to install 2.2.6 (Cheapbytes), the first probing halted after
about five seconds of the usual and expected disk grinding. I tried
various combinations of drivers in the setup/driver menu, but same
results. Watching the autodetection process going on, it was clear that
trouble was hitting right after the first IDE device (hard disk) was

I searched Usenet postings and found several references to Toshiba
drives and setup problems. However, my particular model, the XM-5302B,
was not specifically mentioned.

Today, I swapped out the Toshiba drive with a Mitsumi ATAPI and it's
churning happily away on a FreeBSD install even now. Looks as if I found
my problem.

I might add that the Toshiba was functioning fine under Linux and W95 on
this same box - - so don't be fooled, as I was, into thinking that
because it works in those places, the problem can't be the CD drive.


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