x-window configuration

x-window configuration

Post by Peter Cho » Thu, 24 May 2001 05:10:09

i installed kde on freebsd 4.2.  but when i start the x-session the
picture is blurry.  i remember someone put in a command in a config file
to make it sharper.  something about interlacing i believe.

can someone point me to where i can find out more information on how to
fix this?

peter choe


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I have installed it but i can not get X to start.  It is pretty useless.
I have the the exact same problem.  Is there a way to manually select a
generic video card during the install as a temp solution.

My Hardware: Celeron 333a slot 1, Abit BX6 rev2.0, ATI RageFury 32mb,
Viewsonic A70 monitor, Digital Research 40X CD-ROM,  OEM LiveValue, Quantum
6.4 EX Gb, 64mb PC-100 SDRAM generic, 3Com PCI FAX Modem #5610

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