KerberosIV: Principal expired

KerberosIV: Principal expired

Post by A. van Werv » Sat, 18 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Running 3.4-RELEASE, I installed KerberosIV.
Every time I try to use kinit, it fails saying
"Principal expired".
Initially, I had set the expiration dates of all database entries to
2001-01-01 and later I even changed this to 2025-01-01, but to no effect.

Have I stumbled on a bug or am I doing something wrong?


A. van Werven          
Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, The Netherlands
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Am I doing something dumb to get my posts taken off or something? They
are there for a bit, then mysteriously disappear... I can't imagine
that my questions, no matter how dumb or tiresome, merit getting stuff
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some of the silly stuff that stays up here.

ANYway.... make buildworld is bombing at the point where its trying to
make kerberosIV, which is odd because I have MAKE_KERBEROSIV commented
out in /etc/make.conf. Isnt that supposed to nix the building of it?

Now, I have indeed read the UPDATING file pretty carefully, along with
Annalese's helpful tutorial. I've repeatedly re-cvsupped the
sources.(RELENG_4) I am really blinkered on this one. anyone have any
suggestions for debugging this? I must be doing something wrong, but I
cant tell what.

Tom Messmer
Soooper genius.

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