Installation on a Dell Latitude XPi ??

Installation on a Dell Latitude XPi ??

Post by dusso.. » Thu, 08 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I am just starting with FreeBSD. I have the 2.2.2 distributrion CD.
I would like to install it on a laptop Dell Latitude Xpi 150 CD.
Does anyone have tried it ? Does anyone have some advice for this
installation ?
Is the Neomagic video card support by XFree ?

Thanks for any help


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Linux Fans and Freaks!,

Can anyone give me some suggestions how to install
the Linux system on my Dell Laptop without CD ROM drive.
I tried it via Harddisk copy, (directories suse, a1, described)
but the console is not found and it stops the system.
(Even SuSe support could not help)

thanks in advance

Istvan Cocron

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