Maybe someone can help

Maybe someone can help

Post by John Bita » Sun, 20 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have to price out what an internet connection(maybe a T1) would cost
for a network of 50 pcs, and about 200 email address( with an ISP). With
about 30 dail up accounts for employees from home. This is for a Project
I am working on in school. I only need rough numbers to get me going...

John Bitar


1. okay, maybe if someone will help me i'll......

.... give him head?

naaaa just kidding
i'm not gay

i just wish someone would take notice and help me with this, since no one
replied to my first post
under mandrake when i enter http://localhost/ it takes me to apache
when i do the same in redhat 8 nothing happens, well, i mean, it says the
connection was refused, although i included the webserver option in the
what can i do?

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