FreeBSD 4.4, sshd logging

FreeBSD 4.4, sshd logging

Post by Felipe Gaspe » Tue, 13 Nov 2001 05:43:45


        I have a FreeBSD 4.3 box that I'd like to upgrade to 4.4, but I
only administer it remotely via TCP/IP (no console, no keyboard). Judging
from the docs I found on the main ISO of 4.4, it should be just a matter
of getting 4.4's sysinstall file and running it, but I can't seem to find
that. Does anyone have any hints here?
        Also, I am running the latest OpenSSH, but the daemon won't do any
logging (previous versions didn't either). I have this line in

auth.*                                          /var/log/auth.log

/var/log/auth.log exists with 600 perm's. I have these lines in

SyslogFacility AUTH

Shouldn't this be sufficient for logging? But I've tried logging in and
logging out a few times, in addition to rebooting, and auth.log is still

Any ideas would be *greatly* appreciated. Please cc your post to

-Felipe Gasper


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/etc/rc.conf is a list of changes to the defaults that are specific to
your system.  /etc/defaults/rc.conf is loaded first, with defaults, and
then overriden by anything specific in /etc/rc.conf.  Variables (such as
syslogd_flags) that don't show up in rc.conf default to whatever is in
/etc/defaults/rc.conf.  Don't modify /etc/defaults/rc.conf, unless you
have a really good reason.

Add syslogd_flags="-r".  Don't include the -s flag, as that would
effectively prevent -r (according to my man-page, that is; I think we
have different versions, mine uses -a <addr> instead of -r.  Read the
man-page again if your not sure.

I'm not entirely sure, but it looks to me like it would follow rules in
the hosts syslog.conf file (i.e., auth.* is forward to <host> and <host>
logs remote auth.* messages to the same file it logs its own auth.*
messages).  Don't quote me on this, I've never tried it.

Just killall -HUP syslogd on both machines.

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