SSl/mod-ssl person wanted

SSl/mod-ssl person wanted

Post by Stephen H. Kapi » Tue, 26 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Is anyone familiar with installing ssl certs under freebsd/Apache using
mod-ssl? I am having a problem getting two certs installed and am
looking for someone to go in there and check it out and see what the
problem is.


Stephen H. Kapit
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1. Apache-ssl or mod-ssl?

Hello there!

I'm trying to host ssl site on my apache httpd, now the big question
is .. should I use apache-ssl or mod-ssl?

what is better for security? and why apache has got two derivatives
.... ? is that apache-ssl for a complete replacemant of apache httpd?
or the mod-ssl can be used with any apache 1.3 httpd? Who provides the
128 bit encription?

I went to both ... and .... it's really
confusing :(

Any ideas?


Raqueeb Hassan

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