Install with a Qlogic ISA Fast FL SCSI Adapter

Install with a Qlogic ISA Fast FL SCSI Adapter

Post by Michael McCaffre » Fri, 17 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I use this machine/SCSI adapter with NT and I've installed FBSD on other
system, so I have those 2 items covered. The problem is, There's no Qlogic
driver to select from when I try to install, and as expected the "fdisk
like" utility tells me I don't have any fixed disks. The CDROM drive is
IDE so I don't think there'll be any problem installing from there...if I
could only get that far. Is there anything I can do, or am I just out'a

Qlogic ISA Fast FL SCSI

Mike McCaffrey


Install with a Qlogic ISA Fast FL SCSI Adapter

Post by Jordan K. Hubba » Sat, 18 Apr 1998 04:00:00

> Apparently you didn't read the supported hardware list.  The Qlogic cards are
> not supported.  Since they're a discontinued product, it's unlikely they ever
> will.  Either use an Adaptec (152x, 154x, 174x or AIC-7xxx family), Mylex

Actually, we have someone working on this right now, though I can't say
how long it will take for it to enter supported status.

- Jordan Hubbard
  The FreeBSD Project / Walnut Creek CDROM


1. Fast!SCSI ISA FL by Qlogic

I tried to install SCO 5.0.2 on a system with a Qlogic Fast!SCSI
ISA FL host adapter. This product is supported by a vendor
supplied driver (boot time loadable). My actual version of this
driver is V2.0 (1994?).

My problem:
This driver doesn't work. It refuses to recognize my SCSI cdrom.
I replaced the adapter with a borrowed one (adaptec slim scsi)
to install the system (root HD is IDE). After installation I switched
back to Qlogic and added the driver with installpkg.
This didn't help! Whenever I try to read from cdrom (eg using
custom) I get the message:
"WARNING: qlS_entry: Uninitialized device specified".
And when I try to use my configured SCSI tape I get a memory
dump because of PANIC: trap in kernel mode.
It seems to be a problem with the driver.

My question:
Is anybody out there who has or knows where to get an updated
driver for this adapter, which works on OpenServer 5.x? I already
asked QLogic Corporation but they didn't answer to my mail. On
their web site the driver is no longer available (card is retired).

Because I can't take part in this newsgroup regularly, I would be
happy to get a copy of your answer directly to my mail account.
Thank you!

Helmut Wohland
Darmstadt (Germany)

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