Setting up new web cluster

Setting up new web cluster

Post by Dustin Purye » Thu, 06 Dec 2001 09:15:18

I am helping to build a small web cluster that is composed, for now,
of one firewall, two web nodes, and a MySQL server. Each machine will
be running FreeBSD 4.4. My question is on the best configuration for
the network.

My thoughts are that the firewall and two web nodes each need a public
IP. I will then block unwanted traffic via the firewall (obviously).
In addition, I will block all external access to the MySQL server.

Alternatively, I can still give the firewall and two web nodes public
IPs, but configure the web nodes with private IPs and setup NAT on the

Note, we will be using virtual hosting. Because of this I assume I
will need to update the NAT table each time we add a host that uses IP
based virtual hosting rather than name based?

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice before I set this up? If
there is a better method I would love to hear it. I'm just fishing for
thoughts. ;)

Regards, Dustin


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