Gateway problem

Gateway problem

Post by Eric CHOLE » Mon, 07 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to setup a FreeBSD system to act as a gateway to the
My assigned IP address block is Following advice from
ISP, I have subnetted this block as follows:  netmask  Internet lucifer cisco netmask  DMZ-1 lucifer netmask  DMZ-2 lucifer eden

'cisco' is the router to my ISP.
'Lucifer' is the gateway system, running FreeBSD 2.2.1.
It has 3 NICs with the following config: netmask netmask netmask
    defaultrouter =
    gateway = yes

'Eden' is a machine on DMZ-2 where I which to run my web server.
Its config is: netmask
    defaultrouter =

From Lucifer I can ping the whole world.
From Eden I can ping any of Lucifer's addresses, but nothing else :
'ping cisco' fails. 'traceroute cisco' shows that it's trying to
use the default gateway, but goes no further.

I'm new to this stuff, in case I'm not making sense.



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