ctwm generates network traffic?

ctwm generates network traffic?

Post by Jens Schweikhard » Mon, 31 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Following up my own posting:

> hello, world\n
> this is really driving me nuts: whenever I start X11 and ctwm
> takes over, my machine sends something out my ed0 ethernet interface.
> (which leads to an automatic dial out on the router, ugh).
> I've changed ctwm to twm and this did not happen, so I'm
> reasonably sure it's ctwm. I also looked at ed0 with tcpdump,
> but it shows no tcp or icmp packets. So UDP remains...
> I'm suspecting some nameservice lookups.
> When I unplug the wire the blue/red ctwm picture is displayed
> about 5 seconds later than with a working network connection.

I solved it: ctwm by default runs m4 on .ctwmrc. It defines
several macros, among them HOSTNAME, CLIENTHOSTNAME and SERVERHOST.
To get the values of these a nameservice lookup is done. With
/etc/host.conf saying "hosts\nbind" and the right /etc/hosts
entries for my machine the ns lookups no longer ask a remote ns.


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ctwm generates network traffic?

Post by Dom Mitchel » Mon, 31 Aug 1998 04:00:00

> I really like the fact that ctwm runs m4, since it lets you use nice
> little macros for the sizing of things so they look pretty much the same
> on all resolutions.  Cool feature. :)

It's also very cool for getting your menus set up correctly.  Instead
of having to adjust every single menu entry for a machine (say) when
you switch from telnet to ssh, you can just change one macro, and
reload the file.  Magic!
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