4.8 startx can't open /dev/io (or /dev/mem)

4.8 startx can't open /dev/io (or /dev/mem)

Post by Jason Bourn » Sat, 17 May 2003 15:25:12



> Any help gratefully received ...

> Regards,  Peter Billam


        A wild guess here but it sounds like you're running securelevel at 1 or

man securelevel for a better explanation.



1. Dev's Dev's Dev's

help me please,

I'm on the verge of pulling my hair out.

all i'm trying to do is extract some file from a TAR acheive. (not that hard !)
but all i'm getting is a device error on


but I don't known what it is. it's symbolically linked to the file /dev/st0
but I don't know what that is either...

I'm running 1.1.59 from ftp.demon.co.uk
i've got the "N" series of disks loaded, which i think include premade dev
block and character files ??.

Can some one help me as I can't download anything.

I've tried reinstalling slackware but it just comes up with the same prob.



From: Mark Routen


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