Can I use xdm with a PC-Based X-Term program?

Can I use xdm with a PC-Based X-Term program?

Post by Robert Chalmer » Sat, 05 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I'm runningan evaluation copy of Omni-X from It looks to be really
excellent software, and xterm runs fine. However, I'd like a little more

Now, I'm wondering how I can use xdm with a PC based X-Term emulator, so I get
the 'desktop' insted of just the xterm..

Does anyone have such a thing running.

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1. Linux professional usage for using a PC as an X-Term

Hello everybody,

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Linux seems to be the best solution to set up low-cost and very high
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installation of such system in enterprise wide solutions appears to be
more stable than any other solution we find.

For instance installation of a 2100 A500MP DIGITAL's symetric server
with about 20 PC's running Linux offers a very low cost solution for
very high results.

Great thanks to all the Linux community for maintaining such system.

We're about to choose a Linux organisation in order to give funds for
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