3com 3c595 card

3com 3c595 card

Post by Eli Lazic » Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me how to configure the 3c595 (PCI) card in FBSD 2.1.0?
 I also have a Diamond Stealth 3d video board which does not appear to
have an X driver.  If anyone has gotten this to work I would appreciate
any information.



1. 3COM 3c595 Card

: Hi.

: I just picked up a 3c595 card for a windoze box I'm building, and I was
: wondering if there was any support for it in linux as it's a pretty
: decent card...?  I have a 3c509 now in my linux box, so I checked while
: recompiling the kernel, but I didn't see it as an option, so I would
: assume it'd be a patch...  I'm just curious if I should buy another for
: my linux box too. 8)

There is an excellent driver by Donald Becker. I've been using it for
almost 6 month and it hasn't given me one problem. I've achieved about
3Mbytes/s between a 486DX66 and a 486DX100 both with the card. I'm not
sure what the delay is about adding it to the main kernel distribution
as it seems to be finished.

Steven Clarke

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